GradusAK - Reduced Angle Pistol Grip for AK/Galil

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The Gradus pistol grip incorporates the results of numerous requests by our customers for an ergonomic rubberized grip that will have a relatively straight profile for long range precision shooting and CQB scenarios.
The Gradus was designed with a 15 degree profile and rigorous attention to ergonomics, for a purposeful grip, enabling a comfortable long range session or an intensive CQB drill.

• Reinforced polymer core with textured rubber over mold
• Designed to relieve pressure on the hand by equally distributing the force applied on the surface of the grip
• 15 degree reduced grip angle, perfect for precision shooting & CQB
• Slim ergonomic design with a curved backstrap for enhanced, more comfortable grip
• Available in Black, Olive Drab Green or Flat Dark Earth.
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