At Fab Defense Inc., we employ dynamic individuals with a passion for their job and depth in their respective area of expertise. Our employees are dedicated team players who bring energy, professionalism and pride to their work. We view Fab Defense Inc.’s culture as a competitive advantage and strive to create an environment where customer service and Top of the Line products are the standard.

Office Manager - Mary
Operations manager - Ed

Mary has a 25 years office management and customer service experience, originally from South Florida she is an avid shooter, a runner, a cross fitter and mother of two, one which is a Navy Seabee.

Ed was born and raised in Israel, served in the IDF in a Paratroopers unit and end up commanding a unit as a Major. Ed moved to the US in the end of 1998.

Warehouse manager - Kevin

Warehouse Supervisor - Alex

Kevin is the most organized man in the world, he is a father of two, a grandfather of two and overall a Great guy.

Alex is a Firefighter in Daytona Beach. On his days off he is making sure all our products are packed and organized.

Here we are right after finishing "Murph" workout.

1 Mile Run

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Squats

1 Mile Run

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