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M203 Standalone Conversion Kit

The FD-203 Stand-Alone Conversion Kit transforms the Standard M203 into an independent weapon system. (Does NOT Include the M-203 Launcher!)


  • Folding Stock to Minimize Size
  • Secondary lock on Folded Position
  • Provides Optimal Eye to Target Alignment
  • Provides a Standalone option for the M203
  • The Perfect Contingency Plan
  • Extemely Light Weight Design
  • Integrated Quick Detach Sling Swivel Connectors on Both Sides
  • Mill STD Picattiny Rail Positioned Atop the Barrel Allows the Mounting of Modern Sights
  • Rubber Butt Pad for Recoil and Slipping Reduction
  • Simple Installation, No Modification Necessary
  • mbedded Adjustable Cheek Piece Design

    Weight 682 gr
    Width 81 mm
    Height 188 mm
    Length 363 mm
    Width (open / deployed) 50 mm
    Height (open / deployed) 188 mm
    Length (open / deployed) 630 mm
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